Zines, short for “magazines”, are DIY books made to showcase work or share ideas. We love making them and have shared many of our translations in zine form.

If you join as a member you will receive electronic copies of the zones to print and fold. See this video as a guide.

We even sold some of them at the 2020 Melbourne Zine fair!

The Ci of Li Qingzhao

These are three volumes of Chinese Ci poems translated into English and Spanish. The translations were done by multilingual groups using the originals and an English gloss.

They were completed during our workshop at the Emerging Writers Festival in 2018.


These are two volumes of “jigsaw poetry”, a warm-up exercise we use in our workshops whereby small groups arrange words cut from translated poems.

The poems in these volumes were based on English translations of poems in Greek by Koraly Dimitriadis and Romanian by Vasile Baghiu.

They were completed during our “Afternoon of collaborative translation” held at the Wheeler Centre, Melbourne in 2019.