TransCollaborate facilitates collaborative translations of various text types, using teams of 2-6 individuals with a range of language and disciplinary capacities. The teams usually meet 3 or 4 times in-person or via Zoom to work through their translation.

We follow a model whereby each team is divided into at least two components: target collaborators and source collaborators.

Target collaborators are experts in the destination, or “target”, language of the translation. By “expert”, we mean that they have a native skill-level of the language, and may have additional experience as writers or academics. The target collaborator is responsible for recording and editing the translated text in the target language.

Source collaborators are native speakers of the original, or “source”, language of the text. They do not need to be writers or academics, as they are only required to read and interpret the text. However, they must have experience in the target language, at least at a basic conversational level as this will be the principal language of communication in the collaboration.

You can read more about how our translations work, here.

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