TransCollaborate is an incorporated not-for-profit run by committee in accordance with Consumer Affairs Victoria. All committee members are involved in the association’s activities and have a proven track record in collaborative translation.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the administrative side of TransCollaborate, contact us at

Basil Cahusac de Caux

TransCollaborate Committee President

Basil supports inclusion and cultural exchange among various segments of society. Through translation and research in wellbeing, he promotes sound mental health and a sense of belonging among students, youths, and newcomers. He currently works as an assistant professor in the Liberal Arts at a university in the Middle East. Basil works in and between English, Arabic, and Japanese.
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Jessica Griffiths

TransCollaborate Committee Secretary and Project Director

Jessica has been helping to facilitate TransCollaborate since its early beginnings and she is excited to see its growing impact among communities across Melbourne. She has a background in translation theory and professional translation, as well as a broader interest in project coordination. She is supportive of TransCollaborate expanding its leadership structure to include a project group. Under her direction, this group is currently implementing a two-year program of events funded by the City of Melbourne. Read more about this project here, and read more about Jessica’s professional profile here.

Christian Griffiths

TransCollaborate Committee Treasurer

Chris is a monolingual subject whose involvement in collaborative translation arose out of the need to access scholarship in languages other than English for research purposes. What better way to get a text translated than to pull a busy colleague away from their own research for weeks at a time? Since then, Chris has been a regular collaborative translator, working in several languages he doesn’t know, including Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Italian and Romanian. He is currently trying to become a bilingual subject through an ongoing interest in Korean, but with two kids under five, it’s slow going.

Yoon-Hwa Choi

TransCollaborate Committee Member

Angus Moffat

TransCollaborate Committee Member

Louise Bernasochi

TransCollaborate Committee Member