We have been fortunate enough to work with a range of artists and organisations over the years. They have each brought their own unique perspective on translation, literature and migration and we hope the exchange of ideas will continue well into the future.

Book of Dreams Theatre Company

This is a group of culturally and linguistically diverse theatre makers,  co-created by playwright R. Johns and actor/director Roxana Paun Trifan. Their association started in 2019 with ‘Tchekov at the House of Special Purpose’, and will present the world premiere of “Birthday Book Of Storms” in partnership with La Mama Theatre in August 2021. Their works are informed by intercultural theatre practices and explore themes as exile, displacement, identity and their effect on the next generations.

Explore their work here: Tchekov Rehearsal Promo and Tchekov at La Mama

In 2021, we are mutually supporting one another with our developing theatre projects. Stay tuned for collaborations!

Marco Polo Project is an amazingly energetic group with all sort of worthwhile projects on the go. Find out more about them here:

In 2021 they are joining us to work on a new VicHealth funded project, working with the Romanian and Nepali communities.

In 2019 we were fortunate to join a couple of their regular Chinese-English meet-ups, called Translation Club. We experienced first-hand their approach to collaborative translation, then shared our own as guest facilitators!

La Vida Teatro is an exciting theatre company based in Mexico. Find out more about them here:

In 2020, we teamed up with them to perform a micro-play written by their director Alejandro Ramirez and translated by our Spanish literary group.

Migration, Identity and Translation Network

This is an international network of researchers organised jointly by Monash University (Australia) and University of Warwick (UK). Find out more about them here:

In 2020, we jointly facilitated a very successful multilingual workshop with Undergraduate and Masters level language students at Monash University. We hope to do it again in 2021!

Gals en Australia

Run by Claudia and Ale, this organisation is working hard to help women in the Australian Latin and Hispanic community succeed in their personal & professional careers. They provide workshops, guidance, support, and employment opportunities.

Find out more about them here:

We are looking forward to working with Gals in 2021 to offer collaborative translation workshops!

Vasile Baghiu

Some of Vasile Baghiu’s poems have been translated in recent TransCollaborate workshops and published as an online zine and in Bordertown III. We look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Vasile Baghiu is a Romanian writer and medical professional. He is the author of nine collections of poems, three novels, a collection of short stories and numerous essays and journal articles. He is the recipient of writer-in-residence grants in Germany, Austria, Scotland and Switzerland. Selected poems and prose translated into German, Spanish and English are featured in Buchkultur, Serta and Banipal. Self-translated poems have been published in Magma Poetry, The Penmen Review and The Orange Room Review. 

Baghiu is known for coining the concept of poetic chimerism, a cross between bovarysme and literature, defined as a tendency to escape everyday realities and to create a parallel universe. Explore his work on poetic chimerism here: Poetry in Process, The AALITRA Review and Cordite Poetry Review. A new collection of translated poems – Translating alienation, between escapism and adventure – is forthcoming in Coolabah, the journal of the Australian and Transnational Studies Centre at the Universitat de Barcelona. More information about the poet can be found here: Baghiu’s blog.