The Eternal Tale

A short story by Tomás Borrás Translated by Viola Ann Rosario, Tiare Rubio and Karen Rodriguez, #BeCosMelb The gods shared a secret with the mother: “As long as you feed the flame of that bonfire, your son will live”. And the mother, tireless, kept the fire alive, watching the fire, not allowing the fire to … Continue reading The Eternal Tale

Introducing BeCosMelb

TransCollaborate and City of Melbourne: “Becoming Cosmopolitan Melburnians” TransCollaborate is proud to introduce our new project with the support of City of Melbourne, Becoming Cosmopolitan Melburnians, which we have naturally abbreviated to the handy “BeCosMelb” tag! Project vision BeCosMelb aims to create more opportunities for engagement, collaboration and leadership within and between CALD communities in … Continue reading Introducing BeCosMelb

Recipe: Korean pancakes!

(In Korean and English) By Baek Jong-won. Translated by Yoon-hwa Choi and Laura Donea. A great little collaborative translation session between our stars Yuna and Laura. A scant 30 minutes collaborating with tasty results! Stay tuned for more intercultural cuisine. 재료 감자 작은거 6개 식용유 약간 홍고추 1개 소금 약간 1. 먼저 감자는 깨끗이 씻어서 … Continue reading Recipe: Korean pancakes!

The Infantilisation of Language-Learner Identity

By Christian Griffiths for TransCollaborate. In a recent post, Julien Leyre wrote about some of the specific challenges that face language learners, especially in the context of migration. Foremost among these is the challenge of “incorporating the new language to your identity, and enacting a persona consistent with your own in the new medium.” Rediscovering … Continue reading The Infantilisation of Language-Learner Identity

TransCollaborate at the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival!

On May 30th, our newest committee member, Angus Moffat, helmed TransCollaborate’s stall at the 15th Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival at Queensland City’s Queens Park. As usual, our stall attracted a high quality of attention from among the 6000 local attendees. Even the Festival founder and organising chair, Gitie House OAM, and The Hon Leanne … Continue reading TransCollaborate at the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival!

“Unwritten poetry”: an interview with Vasile Baghiu

By TransCollaborate, June 2021 What is unique or characteristic about Romanian literature/poetry? Well, it’s not easy to clarify the identity elements of any “national” literature. Obviously, the first characteristic of Romanian literature/poetry is the Romanian language. This is important, I think, because all languages are unique, and Romanian is no exception. Our poetry is infused … Continue reading “Unwritten poetry”: an interview with Vasile Baghiu

Romanian-English translation workshop: Laurinda by Alice Pung.

VicHealth project update By Laura D. I’m Laura, one of the Community Leaders for Romanian Translations and I would like to tell you a bit about my most recent TransCollaborate English-Romanian session. For this session we had three different groups working to translate an English into Romanian. Initially, we planned to have grandparents and grandchildren … Continue reading Romanian-English translation workshop: Laurinda by Alice Pung.

TransCollaborate and MITN Revisited: Multilingual workshop

By Giulio Serripierri On May 27, TransCollaborate teamed up again with MITN (The Monash/Warwick Migration, Identity and Translation Network) to host a multilingual workshop for students in Monash University’s various language programs, as well as the Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies and the Translating Across Cultures undergraduate unit. The workshop was attended by over … Continue reading TransCollaborate and MITN Revisited: Multilingual workshop

VicHealth project 2021

We are happy to announce we are a recipient of a VicHealth Reimagining Health Grant! Working in collaboration with the amazing Marco Polo Project, we will be supporting individuals in the the Romanian and Nepali communities in Victoria to connect, share experiences, create literature and develop new community groups through ongoing collaborative translation meet-ups. We … Continue reading VicHealth project 2021


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