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눈부터 젖는다면  by Sang Lok Jin, Citizens Contest Submission, Seoul Metro, 2018. Translated by Chris Griffiths and Yoon-hwa Choi.

Publication: 3 Translations


Korean literary group

We recently began to develop collaborations using independent facilitators and professional writers as Target collaborators. The outcome of one such collaboration with writer Claire Rosslyn Wilson and a group of Korean students from Ithea English school in Melbourne was a translation of a Korean children’s book.

Publication: Bordertown, No. 3: Sipyeon


Discover English collaborations

In 2016, TransCollaborate worked with students from Discover English, a school in Melbourne CBD. We worked with two students who had moved from Korea and were building new lives in Australia. Their stories reflect on their challenges and achievements.

Publication: Bordertown: Translations of Migrant Experience

The original Bordertown collaboration

In the same year, TransCollaborate took on the longer project of translating the stories of Yoon-Hwa Choi. They reflect on her experiences working in a meat factory in Bordertown, South Australia, for her Australian visa.

Read more about Yoon-Hwa and this project here.

Publication: Bordertown: Translations of Migrant Experience