German translations


Shakespeare research

In 2016 TransCollaborate teamed up with Germany-based researcher Dr Madeleine Bieg to translate academic work on the German reception of Shakespeare. TransCollaborate brought the expertise in Shakespeare studies while Madeleine brought the expertise in the German source language.

Read more about our research into German texts for translation here and here.

Publication: mtm: A Translation Journal. Special issue: Collaborative Translation. Volume 10, 2018. Edited by Jessica Griffiths and Christian Griffiths. ISSN 2645-0312. (Follow link for downloadable copy of the translation).

Educational psychology

In the same year, we teamed up again with Madeleine to translate academic work from her own field of research: educational psychology. We worked on a survey being used to assess students, and presented the experience. This time she brought the disciplinary expertise and we brought the native English language fluency.

Read more about the text we translated and the process we followed.

Publication: Conference paper. Griffiths, Jessica and Christian Griffiths. “Collaborative translation and language learning: a post-monolingual approach”. LLAS conference, Warwick University, 2016.