Below is a full list of publications that have been completed under the aegis of TransCollaborate. They include academic publications, zines and our annual collection of collaborative translations, released as the “Bordertown” series.

The ownership of any translations in these publications remains with the collaborators involved.


Bordertown is our annual collection of collaborative translation works. If you are interested in submitting a piece to appear in the next issue of Bordertown, please look at our submission page.

Bordertown: Translations of Migrant Experience. Vol 1, 2016. Edited by Christian Griffiths and Jessica Griffiths.

Bordertown, No. 2: Mujer: Songs of the Spanish Diaspora. Vol 2, 2018. Edited by Christian Griffiths and Jessica Griffiths.

Bordertown, No. 3: Sipyeon. Vol 3, 2019. Edited by Louise Bernasochi and Basil Cahusac de Caux.

Copies of Bordertown are available free to TransCollaborate Members. You can join as a member here.


These zines are designed to be printed and folded for reading. You can see how to fold them here.

“The Ci of Li Qing Zhao: Vols 1-3”

“Afterlives #1: Poetry by and inspired by Koraly Dimitriadis”

“Afterlives #2: Poetry by and inspired by Vasile Baghiu”

Academic publications and outputs

mtm: A Translation Journal. Special issue: Collaborative Translation. Volume 10, 2018. Edited by Jessica Griffiths and Christian Griffiths. ISSN 2645-0312.

Griffiths, Jessica & Christian Griffiths, “Collaborative translation and language learning: a post-monolingual approach”. Conference paper. LLAS conference, Warwick University, July 2016.

Panzarella, Gioia & Georgia Wall, ‘Focus sulla sensibilità linguistica: la traduzione collaborativa nella classe di lingua’. Italiano LinguaDue, 8:2 (2016), 328-337.

Tarantini, Angela Tiziana & Christian Griffiths, “Introduction to Rome in Shakespeare’s Tragedies by De Lorenzo. How Shakespearean Material was appropriated by Translators and Scholars during the Fascist Period.” Chronotopos, a Journal of Translation History. 2/2019.