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Zine Fair 2020


Festival of the Photocopier
Feb 8th & 9th, 2020

Sticky festival 2020

TransCollaborate was the proud owner of a zine stall at the 2020 Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair. As you may know, we pride ourselves on our regular literary output, much of which takes the form of handmade books, or “zines”. Some of these are relatively modest, fashioned from a single A4 page, while others are complex print jobs featuring innovative layouts and colour illustrations.

We showcased some of our recent literary materials, including recent editions of our Bordertown series, which collects collaborative translations from multiple contributors, and our new Afterlives zines, which collect radically reworked versions of existing poems.



We also offered a space for passers-by to collaborate on jigsaw poetry, a favourite activity from a recent event. This encouraged engagement and produced some interesting lines! The Melbourne zine community is very active and diverse. We enjoyed being a part of it and we look forward to sharing more zines in the future.



Bordertown #3: Sipyeon

TransCollaborate is proud to announce the third issue of our Bordertown zine/journal series, titled Sipyeon (a transliteration of the Korean word 시편, which means “psalter”, or more simply “book of poems”).Sipyeon Cover

As with our previous issues, Sipyeon contains a diverse range of creative translations and transcultural pieces, including a section of Romanian literature, featuring the poetry of Vasile Baghiu, among others, and two poems by Melbourne poet Koraly Dimitriadis, in parallel English and Cypriot. May O’Kane contributes an original transcultural piece, and we feature a partial translation of a work of Korean children’s literature, a story by Joong Ae So about a primary school teacher who is always crying in front of her class!

Also included in Sipyeon, is a range of visual art by Jaime Dorner and the Instagram water-colorist @one.thwing. We also have some Ci by Su Dong Po, the great poet of the Song Dynasty, translated by members of the Marco Polo translation group.

Copies of Sipyeon are free to all TransCollaborate members. If you are interested in joining, follow this link.

Special Journal Issue: Collaborative Translation

mtm: A Translation Journal. Special issue: Collaborative Translation. Volume 10, 2018.  Edited by Jessica Griffiths and Christian Griffiths. ISSN 2645-0312.

This special issue is a significant accomplishment for TransCollaborate, as it represents our largest research output to date, and moreover provides an important resource for future work in the field of collaborative translation.  We hope that it will provide a touchstone for all of those within our network who wish to explore and experiment with our collaborative methodologies.

Selected articles and translations

  1. Gramling, David, Christian Griffiths and Jessica Griffiths. “Seven stadia long: On the disorderly social sojourn of collaborative translation.”
  2. Griffiths, Jessica and Harry Williams. “History studies and collaborative translation: the role of disciplinary expertise.”
  3. Luisa Geisler. “The Fold”. Trans. Lorrayne Caetano Mayer and Alice Whitmore.
  4. Zuleta, Estanislao. “In praise of the difficult”. Trans.  Alvaro Eduardo Sanchez Amador and Basil Cahusac de Caux.
  5. Rothe, Hans. “German Shakespeare: Hans Rothe on his translations” An English translation from the German by Hans Rothe (1966). Trans.  Christian Griffiths and Madeleine Bieg.

All TransCollaborate members receive a PDF copy of the special issue. To become a member, join here.