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TransCollaborate and MITN Revisited: Multilingual workshop

By Giulio Serripierri

On May 27, TransCollaborate teamed up again with MITN (The Monash/Warwick Migration, Identity and Translation Network) to host a multilingual workshop for students in Monash University’s various language programs, as well as the Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies and the Translating Across Cultures undergraduate unit. The workshop was attended by over 100 participants in total, making it TransCollaborate’s largest event to date – which might be more remarkable considering it was held on Zoom!

Students worked with several different language combinations, including Chinese to French, Japanese to Spanish, and German to Italian,with all groups using the primary language of exchange. The translations continued for over an hour, after which students and facilitators had the opportunity to discuss the outcomes. Participants acknowledged the challenges encountered throughout the translation process itself, and the cultural exchanges that occur when working with languages that might share some similarities (in terms of vocabulary or grammar, such as the European languages) but also considerable differences.

By organising this event, TransCollaborate and MITN provided Monash students with the opportunity to experience firsthand the benefits of collaborative translation as well as understand how translation contributes to forging the identity of languages and cultures. The positive feedback we received suggests that we should expect more collaborations between TransCollaborate and MITN in the future. So stay tuned…

TransCollaborate Inc: now a not-for-profit organisation!

On April 13 2018, TransCollaborate incorporated to become a not-for-profit organisation. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we will be offering a range of opportunities for you to get involved in collaborative translation activities.  These will include Melbourne-based events, as well as online programs for our members based overseas. If you are keen to sign up for membership, get in touch!

We are excited to be starting this new stage of development, and we will update the website as soon as possible with details of our new committee and our opening initiatives. Watch this space…

New article: ‘Focus on language sensitivity: collaborative translation in language class’

The article Focus sulla sensibilità linguistica: la traduzione collaborativa nella classe di lingua has been published on the last issue of the journal Italiano LinguaDue. It discusses the rationale behind the series of #Transcollaborate workshops held at Warwick  in 2016 and conducted by the two co-authors.

The full article (in Italian) can be downloaded from the journal website. The abstract is available in English and in Italian.

Conference paper: Collaborative translation and language learning

A paper presented at the LLAS conference held at Warwick University in July 2016: “Collaborative translation and language learning: a post-monolingual approach” 

Presented by Chris Griffiths and Jessica Trevitt. 


In July 2016, Chris and Jessica presented the TransCollaborate model and some initial findings at the LLAS conference Frameworks for Collaboration and Multilingualism: Languages in Higher Education, held at Warwick University (UK).

The paper emphasised the value of collaborative translation as a method for supporting language learning, and they presented initial findings from the project’s German>English case study.

Due to a last-minute change in programming, the participants were lucky enough to deliver the paper twice. Each time they received encouraging feedback, and their session chair Kate Borthwick (University of Southampton) shared her enthusiasm on Twitter.

The conference gave TransCollaborate the opportunity to tap into a valuable network of language teachers in the UK, some of whom the team look forward to seeing again at their upcoming event in Prato, Italy.