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TransCollaborate and MITN: Open multilingual workshop

TransCollaborate and Monash University’s MITN (Migration, Identity and Translation Network) are excited to invite you to a new Zoom-based workshop in which small groups will work to translate excerpts of Italian fiction into multiple languages.

Required: at least conversational level English and one language other than English

Via Zoom, Thursday October 15, 2-4pm

Please note: unfortunately, we are no longer taking registrations.

Please feel free to email us at and we will keep in touch with you regarding similar opportunities in the future.

Upcoming Opportunities on Zoom

While the challenges of 2020 are weighing on us all, we are doing our best to push forward. At TransCollaborate, we have taken up the invitation to “Zoom”.

Listed below are upcoming opportunities to improve your language skills, create new literary texts, meet new people and experience our translation process. All you need is an internet connection!

If you or someone you know may be interested in one of the projects below – please email us at

Are you: a native English speaker learning French?
Join our small-group translation of a travel memoir from English into French. Work in French with a native French speaker.

Are you: a native or advanced speaker of Japanese, Chinese or French?
Join our workshop translation of Italian fiction into a range of languages. English will be the language of communication.

Are you: an artist looking for opportunities to engage with other languages?
Join our newest project: translating theatre texts from Spanish, Italian and Romanian into English and sharing them through online readings.

Looking forward to meeting you online!
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TransCollaborate Inc: now a not-for-profit organisation!

On April 13 2018, TransCollaborate incorporated to become a not-for-profit organisation. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we will be offering a range of opportunities for you to get involved in collaborative translation activities.  These will include Melbourne-based events, as well as online programs for our members based overseas. If you are keen to sign up for membership, get in touch!

We are excited to be starting this new stage of development, and we will update the website as soon as possible with details of our new committee and our opening initiatives. Watch this space…

New article: ‘Focus on language sensitivity: collaborative translation in language class’

The article Focus sulla sensibilità linguistica: la traduzione collaborativa nella classe di lingua has been published on the last issue of the journal Italiano LinguaDue. It discusses the rationale behind the series of #Transcollaborate workshops held at Warwick  in 2016 and conducted by the two co-authors.

The full article (in Italian) can be downloaded from the journal website. The abstract is available in English and in Italian.