Bordertown, No. 2: Mujer. Songs of the Spanish Diaspora

Bordertown, No. 2: Mujer. Songs of the Spanish Diaspora is the second issue of TransCollaborate’s annual collection of collaborative translations. It was completed in 2017, and features translations of contemporary and classical Spanish texts. The pieces were contributed by students of the Nova Institute in Melbourne, Australia. The collaborations featured in this issue were funded by the 2015 Monash-Warwick Alliance Student-led Project.

Table of Contents

Introduction, by Christian Griffiths

  1. In Praise of the Difficult, by Estanislao Zuleta
  2. Lorena #1, by Lorena Canon
  3. The Heights of Machu Picchu (I & II), by Pablo Neruda
  4. L, by Lucia Martinez-Breton
  5. “What a Woman can do Alone”, by Adriana JC
  6. Lorena #2, by Lorena Canon
  7. Lazarillo de Tormes (1554), by Anonymous
  8. “Cat” & “Bubbles”, by Adriana JC

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