Bordertown: Translations of Migrant Experience

Bordertown: Translations of Migrant Experience is the first issue of TransCollaborate’s annual collection of collaborative translations. It was completed in 2016, and features autobiographical contributions from students of Discover English language school in Melbourne, Australia. The collaborations featured in this issue were funded by the 2015 Monash-Warwick Alliance Student Project.

Table of contents

Introduction, by Chris Griffiths

  1. Moving to the Border Town, by Yoon-hwa Choi
  2. “Next stop, Australia”, by Sebastian
  3. Cultural Discoveries in Australia, by Toshi
  4. Taking a Tour, by Yoon-hwa Choi
  5. Hitomi’s Story, by Hitomi Okabe
  6. Morning Thoughts, by Yoon-hwa Choi
  7. Dora’s Story, by Dora Seanz Mendez
  8. “My experience migrating to Australia”, by Anonymous
  9. Training Days, by Yoon-hwa Choi
  10. A.J’s Story, by A.J
  11. A Beach Trip and Last Thoughts, by Yoon-hwa Choi

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