PRATO 2017

Thank you to all who made our symposium/workshop at Monash University in Prato, Italy such a success. Click here to find out more: View our conference booklet. View our workshop content. View our Storify of the event.

Migrant context: Yoon-Hwa Choi

Translating the migrant’s experience of rural Australia Over the past month, Jessica Trevitt has been working with Yoon-Hwa, a recent Australian migrant from South Korea. Since moving here with her partner Kyu, Yoon-Hwa has spent 6 months  learning upper-intermediate English in Melbourne, and has spent the last three months working in a meat factory in rural South … Continue reading Migrant context: Yoon-Hwa Choi


Paper: "Collaborative translation and language learning: a post-monolingual approach" By Chris Griffiths and Jessica Trevitt.  In July 2016, Chris and Jessica presented the TransCollaborate model and some initial findings at the LLAS conference Frameworks for Collaboration and Multilingualism: Languages in Higher Education, held at Warwick University (UK). The paper emphasised the value of collaborative translation as … Continue reading WARWICK 2016

Literary context: Shakespeare and translation research

Italian Shakespeares Early in 2016, Prof. Angela Tiziana Tarantini (Monash University) and Chris Griffiths completed an analysis of a 1924 Italian translation of Coriolanus and Julius Caesar. Their analysis addressed how the depiction of Rome in the translation of Shakespeare was used in support of fascist ideology in the early 1920s. The translation features a critical … Continue reading Literary context: Shakespeare and translation research