Recipe: Korean pancakes!

(In Korean and English)

By Baek Jong-won. Translated by Yoon-hwa Choi and Laura Donea.

A great little collaborative translation session between our stars Yuna and Laura. A scant 30 minutes collaborating with tasty results! Stay tuned for more intercultural cuisine.


감자 작은거 6개
식용유 약간
홍고추 1개
소금 약간

1. 먼저 감자는 깨끗이 씻어서 믹서기에 갈아주세요. 갈으실때 물을 조금씩 섞어가면서 해주세요.

2. 다 갈리면 체에 걸러주세요.

3. 거른 물은 버리지 마시고 15분동안 방치! 그러면 녹말만 가라앉고 물은 따라 버리세요.

4. 이 녹말을 감자와 함께 섞으세요.

5. 소금으로 간을 살짝 해주세요. 홍고추는 어슷썰기를 해서 고명으로 올릴거에요.

6. 이제 후라이팬에 기름을 조금두르고(많이 두르면 오히려 뒤집기 힘들어요.) 가장자리부터 포슬포슬한 느낌이 나면 기름을 조금더 추가!

7. 이제 후라이팬을 살살 돌리면 떨어짐이 느껴지시면 뒤집으시면 되요.

8. 감자전 완성이랍니다~


6 small potatoes
a little bit of oil – any
1 spicy red pepper
a little bit of salt

1. Firstly, wash the potatoes and then blend the potatoes. While blending, keep adding water to the potatoes.

2. When finished blending, strain the potatoes.

3. Do not throw away the strained water, leave it for 15 minutes! The starch will sink to the bottom of the bowl and then you can remove the water so that the starch can be used.

4. Mix the starch with the potatoes.

5. Season the potatoes with a little bit of salt. Sliced the red pepper and garnish the potato pancake.

6. Now, put a little bit of oil in the pan (if you put a lot of oil, it’s hard to flip the pancake). If the edge of the pancake feels crispy, lift the pancake with the spatula and add more oil under the pancake.

7. When the pancake no longer sticks to the pan, flip it.

8. The potato pancakes are completed~

View the original recipe here:

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