One Whole World / Un Mundo Entero: An Online Play Reading

TransCollaborate and Mexico-based theatre company La Vida Teatro came together to present an online reading of Un Mundo Entero, a micro-play by Mexican playwright Alejandro Ramírez – in its original Spanish and in two versions of its English translation, One Whole World.

The translation was completed by a group of collaborators including Australian playwright Emilie Collyer, facilitated by Mexican-Australian author Gabriella Munoz. The idea to present it as an online reading was an initiative of the group and from a TransCollaborate point of view, they have opened us up to a whole new world of possibilities. We hope to do many more collaborations like this one!

Thank you to all who joined us to hear the play in its different versions, and to hear playwright and collaborators discuss the translation. We now have available to watch a video of one of the readings.

If you’re interested in collaborative translations of theatre, please get in touch to be a part of our next project!

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