Upcoming Opportunities on Zoom

While the challenges of 2020 are weighing on us all, we are doing our best to push forward. At TransCollaborate, we have taken up the invitation to “Zoom”.

Listed below are upcoming opportunities to improve your language skills, create new literary texts, meet new people and experience our translation process. All you need is an internet connection!

If you or someone you know may be interested in one of the projects below – please email us at transcollaborate@gmail.com.

Are you: a native English speaker learning French?
Join our small-group translation of a travel memoir from English into French. Work in French with a native French speaker.

Are you: a native or advanced speaker of Japanese, Chinese or French?
Join our workshop translation of Italian fiction into a range of languages. English will be the language of communication.

Are you: an artist looking for opportunities to engage with other languages?
Join our newest project: translating theatre texts from Spanish, Italian and Romanian into English and sharing them through online readings.

Looking forward to meeting you online!
zoom image
[Illustration by 123RF]

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