Come and collaborate!

Calling LEARNERS of English: Work with a NATIVE SPEAKER and BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE with English

Calling WRITERS of English: GET PAID to share your knowledge of English and work with a text in a NEW LANGUAGE

At TransCollaborate Inc. in Melbourne we are excited to offer our next collaborative translation venture: group collaboration involving a professional writer together with four students learning English as an additional language.


How it works: The group collaborates on an English translation of a short literary text. The text is originally written in the students’ native language, but the writer matched with the group is not able to understand that language.

So the LEARNERS explain the text to the writer in English (great conversation practice) while the WRITER helps them create the most effective English translation (a unique writing challenge).

Exchange your knowledge of language and literature and introduce a new text to English readers!


When: Ongoing throughout 2018-2019

Where: On site in Melbourne CBD

For more info: contact Jessica at



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